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School Rules


                                                GENERAL RULES

  • Students who do not use the school arranged- transport facilities should ensure that they arrive at the school at least 10 minutes before the first bell.
  • The warning bell is rung 5 minutes before that start of the morning assembly.
  • Students should move from one class to another between periods without wasting their time in an rderly and    quiet manner. 
  • Students should always be habitually cleanand neatly dressed.
  • Boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals and ensure that it remains combed and tidy.
  • No Shouting or whistling is allowed in or around the school building. Running in  corridors is strictly prohibited.
  • Bullying and the use of foul language are punishable offences, whether in or out of school.
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw any objects at any one.
  • The cost of any willful damage done will be made good by the concerned students who will also be liable to pay a fine for such offence.
  • No irrelevant book magazine or other publications may bring to the school without the class teachers explicit permission.
  • Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is not permitted.
  • The school reserves the rights to terminate the schooling of students without unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad precept for others.
  • Parents of 1st to 5th class students send note books and books according to the time table.
  • Nursery to 5th class student’s parents send lunch box according to the diet chart given by school. Lunch box must be properly packed, within it there should be two paper  napkins, spoon, fork and fruits.
  • Lunch box is compulsory to all students from class Nursery to 12th. If any student don’t bring lunch box then one week absent will be counted as a punishment.
  • If any student brings mobile phone, video game, audio-video CD’s, then name of that student will be struck off from school rolls.
  • For girl students it is strictly restricted to use kajal, nail polish, bangles, fancy earrings, nose pins, mehandi etc.
  • Shoes must be polished daily. 
  • If any parents change their residential address, phone number then intimate immediately in written to school authority.   
  • It will be compulsory to all the students to purchase school magazine.
  • If your ward participate  in any school function then parents their self will purchase and take function dress on rent.
  • Students are expected not to scratch, spoil, break desk, chairs, windows and damage any kind of furniture, write and draw any thing on school wall. If any students found guilty then he/she will have to pay fine.
  • Students are expected to behave softly and mannerly inside and outside the school.
  • Students who come for school but they do not reach the school and wander here and there idle in school hours, after three written warnings they will be strucked off from school rolls and will not be readmitted. 

                                      RULES FOR THE PAYMENT OF FEES


  • ·Shool fee will deposit before 10th of every month from 9:30AM – 2:00 PM. After 2:00 PM fee counter will closed, and after 10th of every month Rs. 5 per day will be charged to those who will deposit fee after the due date.  
  •    Any parents who have much fee balance to paid, their children will not be allowed to sit any examination                           conducted by     the school.  
  •     No cash fees should be given to any person, other than in office. In cash of loss the school  shall not be esponsible.     
  • Tuition fee for 12 months is to be paid in 10 installments. Fees for the month of July and August, February and March should be paid in advance together before 10th July and 10th February. 
  • All dues should be cleared by 10th of February.
  • At the beginning of the session, each student is issued a fee card for Record of fees. 
  • In case of loss of fee card, new fee card will be issued on payment of Rs 50/-. 
  • In case of non-payment of fees for more than one month, the student concerned will be debarred from taking any tests. In case the outstanding dues exceed 2 months the name of the defaulting student will be struck off from the school’s roll.
  • Parents must preserve their copies of the fee receipt, fee card as a proof of payment, since these may have to be produced in case of any dispute. No Duplicate fee receipt will be issued.


                                LATE ARRIVAL IN SCHOOL

  • The school gate will be closed 5 minutes before the school timing and students arriving late will not be allowed to enter the school premises without any plausible explanation.
  • Disciplinary actions will be taken against habitual late-comers.


                                HINT TO STUDY BETTER

  • Do your home work in quite place away from all distraction.
  • Do first the subject you like least, then rest of the work will be easier.
  • Do all the assignments. If you have written your home works in your diary correctly. Then you can be sure to do the right assignment.
  • Do the assignments the way you were taught in the school.
  • Do your work best, best thinking and best writing check the work when you have finished.
  • Ask yourself when you have finished whether you have done your best.
  • Get enough exercise in the afternoon. It will help you to study better.
  • You have something to memorize do it at night and then recall it again the morning.
  • Pray before and after your studies that God may bless your efforts to success.


                              A NOTE TO THE PARENTS

  • The students who are not coming through school transport are requested to collect their ward personally from school.
  • There will be two Identity card one for parents and other for student.
  • L.K.G, U.K.G, 1st , 2nd , 3rd class students will be handover to their parents only aftershowing parent’s Identity card copy to concerning class teacher.


                                   School Timings

                        Pre- Nursery       :       9:00AM to 12:00Noon

                        L.K.G ( Nursery) :       9:00AM to 1:45PM

                        UKG To 10th       :       9:00AM to 3:05PM

                     +1, +2                   :       9:00AM to 3:15PM

                           REGARDING CONVEYANCE

  • School has arranged buses for few routes; students are expected to follow the given norms:
  • Buses will not wait for late comers.
  • No student should travel standing on the foot board.
  • Students must not move around in bus when it is in motion.
  • Students must keep all parts of their body inside the bus at all times. They should notput  their hands out even for waving.
  • No object should be thrown inside or outside the bus.
  • Unruly behavior like shrieking and shouting is strictly prohibited and courteous behavior by Himalyan students is expected at all times.
  • Parents/Guardians of students who do not avail the school’s transport should
  • present themselves at the gate 10 minutes before the start/ dispersal of the school bell to drop/collect their wards.
  • If once a student gets the facility of school transport, then after sometime that student cannot leave this. In case of board class students, parents can intimate the school authority one month before in written.
  • If any parents don’t send their ward in school transport without any written intimation they will have to pay full charges of one month.
  • The parents of those students who come in school transport do not intimate school authority telephonically to send their ward in other bus for few days.
  • Students who get the facility of school transport they must know the route number, name and phone number of their route driver.




  • If any student wants to take leave, his/her parents intimate school authority telephonically.   But it will be necessary to all the students to send leave application in school. Without leave application leave will not be sanctioned.
  • If your child is sick and not feeling well, don’t send him/her to school, because half day leave is restricted.
  • If your ward is suffering from any disease, infection then don’t send him/her to school and give written intimation about the disease and vaccination that have been done before send your ward to school only when he/she is properly fit. After recovery student will show fitness/medical certificate to class incharge.
  • If your ward remains absent for six days without any written intimation then her/his name will be struck off from school. If that student comes after six days then he/she will have to take re-admission.
  • After the month of October no leave will be granted other than the medical ground.





  •  The academic year is divided into 3 terms, Himalyan wing students will be assessed   for the overall development viz. Socio-emotional, cognitive, language, physical   personality etc. Class Nursery to 8th unit tests will be conducted, which will be of one  hour and class 9th to 12th half monthly tests will be conducted. These will be started  from the month of June to December. Tests will be of Board examination pattern and  duration of these tests will be two hours and two tests will be in a day.

                                     PROGRESS REPORT CARD

  •  Signatures of parents will be taken on progress report card of each student During P.T.M. of each unit test, half yearly examination and the annual examination.
  • Reports card will not be issued to home.  Parents can meet principal in case of any doubt of clarification. Answers sheets of unit test only be issued to home for signatures
  • Note :- Students from class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th who are unable to obtained at least 35% in 2nd Terminal                Examination and Pre-Board Examination will not be eligible to appear in Annual Examination.

                                      RULES FOR EXAMINATION


  • Attendance is compulsory for all test and examinations held during the year failing which the student will be given zero. No consideration will be given to absentees except on medical ground.
  • A minimum attendance record of 90% of the total number of working days is compulsory. Even on medical ground, a child remaining absent for then 20% of the total number of working days.
  • There is no provision for re-testing students, who remain absent on the day of the examination, or those who have failed in one or more subjects.
  • Students reporting late for examination will not be given extra time for answering the question paper.
  • Students found using any unfair means during any of the examination, will be given zero in that subject.
  • The answer sheets of the examination will be distributed to students after evaluation.
  • Errors in evaluation, such as mistakes in total, unmarked answers etc. must be brought to the notice of the concerned teacher on the same day.
  • Request for the issue of progress card before the declaration of result will not be entertained.
  • No student will be granted conditional promotion. Those students who score less than the minimum pass marks (as per the school’s promotion criteria), separately in all individual subjects, will be detained in the same class.



·                                                    Promotion Criteria

 Classes L.K.G to Class V : 40% minimum in all examinable subjects.

Classes VI to Class VIII    : 40% minimum in all examinable subjects.

 Classes IX to Class X       :  40% minimum in all examinable subjects.

  • Theory and practical separately
  • At least 90% attendance (80% in case of medical reasons)  
  • Students of science stream who will unable to get at least 35% in First Terminal
  • Examination then their stream will be changed.
  • No leave will be granted during examinations. If in any case student remains  absent from school then he/she will have to pay examination fine. Teachers will no conduct the test again for that student.
  • Class Nursery to 8th unit tests will be conducted, which will be of one hour and class 9th to 12th half monthly test will be conducted. These will be started from the month of June to December.
  • Tests will be of Board pattern and duration of these tests will be two hours and two tests will be in a day.
  • First Terminal Examination will be conducted before monsoon holidays.


                                       PARENTS TEACHERS MEETING

  • PTM from Nursery to 10th will be held in the month of April.
  • 2nd PTM for unit test I and II will be held in the month of June.
  • First Terminal Examination will be conducted before monsoon holidays.
  • 3rd PTM for unit test III and IV will be held in the month of November.
  • 4th PTM for 2nd Terminal will be held in the month of December.
  • PTM for Pre-Board will be held in the month of February.


                            SCHOOL UNIFORM RULES

  • As mentioned earlier students must wear their uniform with pride and ensure that they look neat and presentable at all the times.
  • Winter uniform to be worn from the beginning of the new session.
  • As long as a student is on the school rolls she/he must always come to school in uniform.
  • No student is allowed to attend any open House, school function in or outside the school in any dress other than school uniform.
  • It is mandatory for girls to wear bloomers (with elastic on the thighs) under the skirts/tunics.
  • Send your ward in neat and clean uniform. Uniform must be properly ironed. If any
  • Student found in improper and dirty uniform Rs 5 will be charged to that student as a punishment.


                                 HOUSE SYSTEM

  • Class 3rd onwards students are allocated a house, to which they will belong throughout their school lives. There are four houses in  MARS,JUPITER,NEPTURE,PLUTO
  • Each house is headed by a House captain, a House Vice- captain and a number of house perfect. The House moderator is a member of staff, who is in-charge on each house. Points are awarded to students of each house throughout the year for theirindividual and collective performance in academics, co-curricular activities, games and sports.


                                EXPECTATIONS FROM PARENTS

  • Parents are requested to co-operate with school rules and regulations and teaching faculty, keep watch on your wards study and supervise your ward when he/she done home work.
  • Your ward notebooks and books must be properly covered with brown paper and name slip on it.
  • Encourage your ward to participate in school activities.
  • It is compulsory to all the parents to attend every PTM with your ward. If any parents
  • don’t attend the PTM then they will have to pay fine.



                                        Information to Parents 


  • All the parents will be provided Username and Password for log in to school website to know all the information of your ward ie. Fee payment Examination, Transport, Attendance, Time table, Assignment, Study material, Hostel, Notice, Message, Library, Knowledge Base, Holiday etc. at your home.


  • Parents are requested to ask for user name and pass the time of admission.
  • Parents can log in  www.himalyanpublicschool.in go for ERP by clicking login button provided at the top of right side at home page of website.


                      DIET CHART FOR CLASSES H-1 TO VTH








  • Liquids items are not allowed like Dal etc.
  • Non- Veg. like egg are not allowed.
  • Send spoon, fork, apron and water bottle daily with kids of L.K.G to 5th .
  • Parents are requested to send lunch according to the Diet Chart given









up coming events

Introducing E-DAC LEARNING SYSTEM for classes Pre-Primary to Class 8th

Introducing Educomp Smart Classes  For All Classes and All Streams


Year After Year Results Speaks

Himalyanites  are winners of Interschool Sports competetion in 2016-17

In the year 2016-17  34 students Got laptops from Government of Himachal Pardesh

Scholarships of worth RS 450000/- won by Himalyanites in the session 2016-17

 10+2 Science Result 2015-16

Atul Kapoor  93%

Vishal Mehra  89.8%

Dikshant Goel 90%

Congratulations to all

Matriculation Result 2015-16

Mohit Kumar  94%

Sakshi    93.57 %

Shrshav  93 %

Congratulations to All

10+2 Science Results  2014-15

Mridul Jaggi      90.20%     First In Nagrota Bagwan Block

Sahil Kapoor   89.80%      Second in Nagrota Bagwan Block

Shiva Sharma  89.20 %    Third In Nagrota Bagwan Block

Congratulations To All

10th Class Result 2014-15

Shailja Ch    94%    First In Nagrota Bagwan Block

Riya Sharma  92 %   Second In School

Ritika Pathania   91%  Third In School

Congratulations To all



No-1 Himalyan Nagrota Bagwan in Results

Excellent Board Examination Result March 14 (10+2 Science)

Divya Kapoor   92%   First In Nagrota  Bagwan Block

Samriti Guleria  88%  Second In Nagrota Bagwan Block

Kashish Sharma 87%  Third In nagrota Bagwan Block

Congratulations To All Parents Students and Teachers ................................

To Watch Dance Himachal Dance performance  done by Himalyans Girls  Click The Link



PARAS DHIMAN  Selected in National institute of technology  HAMIRPUR   in session 2013-14

Congratulations  PARAS 


Vikas Rana S/O Sh Jagroop Singh Rana  Got Selected in M.B.B.S in Dr RPG Medical College Tanda At Kangra  Himachal Pardesh  

Congratulation Vikas Rana 




10 Th Class Result  2013

Shiva Sharma    91%

Ashna Bedi 90.57%

Akshita Sharma 90%

Ekta                      89.02%

Ishan Awasthi   89.02%

 10+2 Science Result 2013

Nanika Jaggi 90%

Aysha Kapoor 88%

Komal Parmar 87%

Congratulations To Teachers Parents  and all

Introducing Foreign  language Lab  in session 2015-16


We are the Winners of "Rimjhim  Group Dance competetion" organised by Divya Himachal Group in 2011-12.



Our student UMANG DOGRA   topped in class 10+2 Science  in Nagrota Block  in session 2010-11



Our student Vivek Kumar   got selected in Nit Hamirpur in Computer Sc Engineering in 2010-11.


Yamini Rana Got First Position in Nagrota Block  in 10+2 Science in Session 2011-12.


Aditi Mehta Got First Position in Nagrota Block  in 10+2 Arts  in Session 2011-12


Kashish Sharma got 1st Position in School in MATRIC EXAMINATION IN SESSION 2011-12 by obtaining 94% Marks


Our Student Umang Dogra  Got selected in MBBS  in ch. Charan Singh University  Merrut 



Congratulations Umang



Our student Vineet Kumar (session 2011-12) got selected in NIT Hamirpur in computer science  Engneering.



Congratulations Vineet



Our students Of session 2012-13 got scholarships of Rs 363000/-  from Himachal Pardesh Government.



36 Meritorius students got Net Books From  Himachal Pardesh Government  in session 2012-13



Our students Participated in Dance Kangra Dance competetion organised by  Divya Himachal Group You Can See the video  on YOU TUBE  by opening the link



For Farewell 2012 Click the link


For Janamastmi Celebration click


For K.G Day Celebration 2009 Click



Our Student Axit Sharma 0f 2011-12 batch Got Selected as Pilot In Air Force after clearing N.D.A in 2012  


Congratulation Axit Keep it up  Himalyan Proud of  you .


From the session 2012-13 School is Running Language Lab IN ASSOCIATION WITH WORLDS  FAMOUS COMPANY " WORDSWORTH " to improve spoken English also introducing    "DIGITAL SCIENCE LAB" IN ASSOCIATION WITH " EN SQUARE IT" DEHLI.



Himalyan Public School Is  now equipped with 14 Cordova Smart Classrooms  & N Computing Multi media Computer Lab.




Divya Kapoor Got First Position In +1 Sc. Class Examination in session 2012-13 with  94% Congratulation Divya  Keep it up.